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1 Karting
2 Formats
3 Karting as a learning tool


The hobby of kart racing, whether taken as a simple activity or as an organised motorsport.


Typically, race formats are one of the following:


A series of short-duration races, normally for a small number of laps, that qualify for a final, with a variety of point scoring calculations to determine the event's overall winner. Typical duration normalyl does not exceed 15 minutes. Here, speed and overtaking sucess is of more importance.


Normally for an extended period, 30 minutes up to 24 hours or more, for one or more drivers. In general, consistency and reliability is of greater importance.

Karting as a learning tool

Most famous Formula 1 drivers have started in karting, and it is generally acknowledged as the most effective way to get started early in a race-driving career.