Before the Athenian democracy, the tyrants, and the archons, Athens was ruled by kings. Most of them are probably mythical or only semi-historical. This list is based on the list given by Eusebius.

Table of contents
1 Earliest kings
2 Erechthids or Cecropidae

Earliest kings

These two kings were supposed to have ruled before the flood of the Deucalion story.

  • Ogygus
  • Actaeus

Erechthids or Cecropidae

Cecrops was considered the first true king of Athens, although he was a mythical half-man half-serpent. The dates for the following kings were conjectured centuries later.

Medontids or Melanthidae or Codridae

In 753 BC the kingship was replaced with an archonship (see Archons of Athens).