Here is a list of the rulers of Aragon, now a region of north-eastern Spain. The Aragonese kingdom included the present-day autonomous community of Aragon. The Aragonese kings of the Barcelonan dynasty ruled as well Catalonia (which included Roussillon, nowadays the département of Pyrenées-Orientales in France), the city of Montpellier, the kingdom of Valencia, the kingdom of Majorca, the kingdom of Sicily, and Sardinia.

The title of Count of Barcelona belonged to the Aragonese monarch after Alfonso II inherited it from his father Ramon Berenguer IV.

Counts of Barcelona

Counts of Aragon
  • circa 809 839 Aznar I Galindez
  • 844 867 Galindo I Aznarez
  • 867 893 Aznar II Galindez
  • 893 922 Galindo II Aznarez
  • 922 ? Andragota
  • 926 970 Garcia I Sanchez of Navarre
  • 970 994 Sancho II Garces of Navarre
  • 994 1000 Garcia II the Trembler of Navarre

Kings of Aragon Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona

1410-1412 Interegnum and Caspe Compromise

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