The Metropolitan Line is a line of the London Underground. In its present-day form, it functions much like an overground suburban commuter railway: Baker Street station is its terminus, and as it reaches the outer suburbs of London it progressively branches off into several directions.

The line's operation is quite complex: fast services skip stations and overtake slower services. Some trains, both at peak and off peak hours, run beyond Baker Street, further into London along the tracks of the Circle Line through to Aldgate.

The line has a complex history, and has seen many changes to its layout. It began as part of the low-level network which is now split into the Metropolitan Line, the Hammersmith & City Line and the East London Line. It expanded heavily into the north west suburbs of London and beyond as an overground railway. There are many additional branches and stations on existing branches which have either been abandoned or transferred to other railways and underground lines over the years.

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2 Current service pattern
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in order from east to west

Shared Circle Line track and main branch

The line splits here into two branches - the Uxbridge branch and the Northwood branch

Uxbridge Branch

(continuing from Harrow on the Hill)

Northwood Branch

(continuing from Harrow on the Hill)

  • North Harrow
  • Pinner
  • Northwood Hills
  • Northwood
  • Moor Park

The line splits here into two branches -- the branch towards Amersham and the Watford branch

Watford Branch

(continuing from Moor Park)

Towards Amersham

(continuing from Moor Park)

From Chalfont and Latimer station trains can go to Amersham (as the majority do) or to Chesham. Only in peak hours do trains run to Chesham; at all other times a shuttle service runs between Chalfont & Latimer and Chesham.

Current service pattern

The Metropolitan line is the only London Underground line to operate fast services that miss out certain stations. The current off-peak service pattern is as follows

(tph=trains per hour)

In the peak other services can run, including through trains to Aldgate from Watford/Amersham, semi-fasts to Watford/Uxbridge missing out Northwick Park and Preston Road and through trains to Chesham. There are also a few trains from Rickmansworth to Watford very early in the morning and vice versa late at night.


The Metropolitan line has a long history. More to come!