The Meuse (Dutch Maas) is a large European river rising in France, and flowing through Belgium and the Netherlands, draining in the North Sea. Its length is 900 km (560 miles).

The river rises in the Langres Plateau, France and flowing north past Sedan (the head of navigation) and Charleville-Mézières into Belgium. It is joined by the Sambre river at Namur. From Namur the Meuse winds eastward skirting the Ardennes, passes Liège , and turns north. Then it forms part of the Belgian-Dutch border, except that at Maastricht the border is more westward. Inside the Netherlands it continues north along Venlo, then turns westward.

In the Netherlands it merges with the Rhine into an extensive delta, eventually flowing into the North Sea via the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Hollands Diep.

It splits near Heusden into the Afgedamde Maas on the right and the Bergse Maas on the left.

Railroad bridges (with nearest train station on the left and right bank):

There are also many road bridges and ca. 32 ferries.

The Meuse département, in northeast France is named after the river.