History -- Military history

Military history is the recording (in writing or otherwise) of the events in the history of Man that fall within the category of "conflict". This may range from a dispute between two tribes that come to blow over a plot of land, to a world war.

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1 Purpose of military history
2 Types of warfare
3 Military Unit Types
4 Reporting of Military Events
5 Miscellaneous military history
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Purpose of military history

Military history has a number of purposes. One main purpose is to learn to fight and prevent wars more effectively. Another is to create a sense of tradition which is used to create cohesively military forces.

Types of warfare

"Conventional" warfare involves well-identified, armed soldiers fighting one another in a relatively open and straightforward way.

"Unconventional, or Asymmetric warfare, involves guerrilla, insurgency, and terrorist tactics. This type of warfare has a longer history than most people imagine.

Military Unit Types

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Reporting of Military Events

Miscellaneous military history

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