MPC is a lossy audio compression format, similar in function to MPEG-1 Layer II Audio, also known as Musicam.

Unlike MPEG Layer II it uses:

  • subband-wise selectable M/S encoding (like MPEG-AAC)
  • Huffman coding (like MPEG Layer III, MPEG AAC, ...)
  • noise substitution techniques as used in ATSC A-52 and MPEG-4 AAC V2
  • pure variable bitrate between 3 and 1300 kbit/s (when needed)

The psycho-acoustic model of MPC is based on MPEG ISO model 2, but is extended by CVD (clear voice detection). The quantization algorithm of the MPC encoder performs spectral shaping of the noise, called adaptive noise shaping (ANS), in order to overcome the low frequency resolution of the polyphase quadrature filter bands.

Development of MPC was initiated in 1997 by Andree Buschmann.

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