Based on the east bank of the River Usk, at Rodney Parade, the rugby section of Newport Athletic Club gained itself a world wide reputation in the twentieth century. Every major touring team to visit Wales has graced the turf of Rodney Parade, and all of them had their colours lowered in the twentieth century by a side who, in 1951, played in the match at Cardiff that attracted what was, then, a world record crowd of 48,500 for a rugby union match between two clubs. In addition to matches against all the major national sides a highlight of the Newport season was the annual match against the Barbarians, ensuring that the Newport fans had a regular diet of world class players to supplement the Welsh internationals who were a common feature of the 'Black and Ambers'.

1874-1900 :

Founded in Sept 1874 and founder members of WRU. Invincible for for first 4 years. Invincible in 1891/2. First ever Welsh Club Champions in 1895 and won again in 1896. Won South Wales Cup 5 times and R/U twice in 10 seasons. Contributed more internationals to Welsh team than any other club. Newport player scored Wales’ first ever try. Provided 4 Welsh captains. First ever Anglo-Welsh fixture with Blackheath.

1900-1914 :

Played all the visiting touring sides. First club to defeat Springboks in 1912. Welsh Club Champions 1903,1910,1912. Golden era of Vile, Martin, Partridge, Plummer, Smythe, Skrimshaw etc. Provide 5 Welsh captains. Provided 11 British Lions including 1 captain. Provided 1 player who played for SA vs British Lions.

1919-1939 :

Welsh Club Champions 1920,1923. Provided 5 Welsh, 1 English and 1 Irish captains. Provided 6 British Lions. Golden era of Wetter, Uzzell, Griffiths, Morley, Travers etc.

1945-2003 :

Golden era of Jones, Burnett, Thomas, Meredith, Price, Watkins, Jarrett etc. Beat Australia 1957, NZ 1963, SA 1969, Tonga 1974. Welsh Club Champions 1951, 1956, 1962, 1969. Won Welsh Merit Table and Anglo-Welsh Merit Table. Provided 7 Welsh, 1 Czech Rep, 2 Canadian, 1 Fijian captains. Provided 15 British Lions. Introduced 7’s to Wales and won Snellings 10 times and R/U 9 times. One of pioneers of floodlights in Wales. Introduced squad systems / players playing on rota in Wales. Won Welsh Cup twice, R/U 3 times. Welsh Premier League R/U – twice. date have supplied nearly 150 Welsh players and players to England, Scotland, Ireland, SA, Czech Rep, Canada, Fiji as well as ca 80 Barbarians.