The Lombard RAC Rally 1986 was the last European Event for the full blown Group B Legends.

Following a scruitineering scandal on the Sanremo, the Peugeot team were apprehensive before the event but they passed. After which they decide to appeal about Sanremo result. The Peugeot of Timo Salonen won, with Markku Alen in the Lancia 2nd, Juha Kankkunen 3rd and Mikael Sundstrom in 4th. There were three Peugeots in the top four. The sole remaining Ford RS 200 was in 5th place with Kalle Grundel at the wheel. The event was also a major success for Austin Rover who won the teams prize with the Metro 6r4, with their drivers in 6th Tony Pond, 7th Jimmy McRae, 8th Per Eklund and 9th David Llewellyn. Ingvar Carlsson rounded out the top 10 in the Group A Mazda Famillia 4wd. There were 83 finishers out of 150 starters.