The San Francisco 49ers are a National Football League team based in San Francisco, California.

Founded: 1946, as part of the All America Football Conference; joined the NFL in 1950 as part of the league merger.
Home stadium: San Francisco Stadium at Candlestick Point (formerly named Candlestick Park (1959-1995), 3Com Park (1995-2002))
Uniform colors: Red and gold. Home uniforms: Gold pants and red shirts. Road uniforms: Gold pants and white shirts.
Helmet design: Gold helmet with intertwined "SF" in white on red oval
League championships won: Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX. Have never lost a Super Bowl. Team with the most Super Bowl wins without a loss.

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Franchise history

The San Francisco 49ers have the distinction of being the first major league professional sports franchise on the West Coast. The 49ers entered professional football in 1946 and matured, nationally and locally, when the club was granted a National League franchise in 1950.

The team earned its name from the surge of goldminers to the San Francisco area during 1849, thus the nickname the San Francisco 49ers. It is the only name the team has been affiliated with and San Francisco is the only city in which it has resided.

The 49ers won five Super Bowls, four in the 1980s, and are considered The Team of the Eighties. They won XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, and XXIX.

The team was led in its turnaround from late 1970s doormat by Bill Walsh. The former coach of Stanford University made excellent draft picks, picked up key free agents or players released by other teams and is known as the creator of the 'West Coast offense'. During their first Super Bowl run the team was known for its short passing game and the play making ability of young quarterback Joe Montana. Later they became dominant in all aspects of the game. Some other famous 49ers include Steve Young, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Fred Dean, Eric Wright, Dwight Hicks, Deion Sanders, and Ricky Watters. There are many others as the team has had a policy of releasing star players a year too early rather than a year too late. That has led to some of their stars finishing up their careers with other teams.

In 2002 they produced the second greatest comeback in NFL playoff history by coming back from a 24 point deficit (38-14) and winning 39-38 against the New York Giants. They lost their subsequent game to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Following the season, Steve Mariucci, the coach, was fired.

Players of note

Pro Football Hall of Famers: Current stars: Retired numbers:
  • 12 - John Brodie
  • 16 - Joe Montana
  • 34 - Joe Perry
  • 37 - Jimmy Johnson
  • 39 - Hugh McElhenny
  • 42 - Ronnie Lott
  • 70 - Charlie Krueger
  • 73 - Leo Nomellini
  • 79 - Bob St. Clair
  • 87 - Dwight Clark

Not to be forgotten:
  • Steve Young
  • Jerry Rice
  • Frankie Albert
  • Abe Woodson
  • R. C. Owens
  • Dave Parks
  • Bernie Casey
  • John Thomas
  • Ken Willard
  • Kermit Alexander
  • Len Rohde
  • Gene Washington
  • Randy Cross
  • Fred Dean
  • Jack Reynolds
  • Ray Wersching
  • Michael Carter
  • Roger Craig
  • Charles Haley
  • Jesse Sapolu
  • Matt Millen
  • Harris Barton

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