A skateboarding trick is a maneuver performed while skateboarding (or other boardsports such as snowboarding and wakeboarding). The basic elements of the skateboarding trick are the varial, jump, flip, grab, slide (or grind), and stall, combined with twists of various multiples of 180 degrees. Tricks which require some kind of ramp, usually a halfpipe, are vert tricks; the rest can be performed on the flat or off of curbs and rails and are known as street tricks.

Competitive skateboarding and snowboarding is primarily judged on the difficulty and success of such tricks.

The body varial, is jumping into the air and rotating 180 degrees to land on the board facing the other direction. It is often combined with other tricks.

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The ollie is a technique of jumping on a skateboard in a way that pops the board off the street by kicking the tail section (or the nose section in the case of a nollie). This action lifts the opposite end of the board, at which point the front foot (in the case of an ollie) will slide forward causing the rear end to level out. Once this is achieved the rider lands all four wheels on the ground and rolls away with their knees bent.


The nollie jump pops the board off the street by kicking the nose section of the skateboard. It is much harder than the regular 'ollie'. It is called a 'nollie' because it is a nose ollie.

frontside ollie

A Frontside ollie is a short term for a Frontside 180 Ollie also dubbed as F/S 180. It involves doing a 180 ollie towards either to the left or right(if the skater's right foot is on the tail, then they would spin left, opposite if left foot is on tail). The reason it is called a Frontside 180 Ollie is since when you execute the trick, you will be facing what is directly in front of the nose.

Ollie/Flip Tricks

pop shove-it

A pop-shove it is like a regular shove it, only the board gains more height. This trick can be used to form a compund with a kickflip, forming a varial kickflip.


A kickflip is a variant of the ollie in which the board spins towards the riders back while maintaining its direction of movement.


A heelflip is a variant of the ollie in which the board spins towards the riders front while maintaining its direction of movement.

varial kickflip

A varial kickflip is a trick which is a variation of a pop shove-it and kickflip. The board spins 180 degrees whilst flipping.

varial heelflip

A varial heelflip combines a frontside pop shove-it with a heelflip.

inward heelflip

An inward heelflip combines a backside pop shove-it with a heelflip.

Other Ollie/Flip tricks

hardflip, 360 flip, laser flip, impossible, caballerial.


indy grab

Get into ollie position, and pop a good ollie, then grab the middle of your board on either side. Once you get good at this try doing 180 or 360 ollies. Although this move can be done on flat land it is probably much easier on a ramp.

stalefish grab

For the stalefish grab your front hand grabs above the front wheel and your legs are 90 degree angles against the board with your feet in the normal riding position.

airwalk grab

Pop the deck up and catch it in a nose grab. While it's in the nose grab, hold it out beside you and spread your legs apart so that it looks like you're walking across the air. Put the board back underneath you and ride away like nothing never happened.

early grab

The early grab was widely used when vert skateboarding started out In fact, everybody used the early grab, until Alan "Ollie" Gelfand invented the ollie.

The Early Grab is a very basic trick and can be carried out in the following way:

Step 1: Ride up a ramp or to a ledge (using a small ledge to start with) at a comfortable pace to catch a little air.

Step 2: Before you get to the top of the ramp or to the edge of the ledge, crouch down and grab your board any way you see fit.

Step 3: Ride off the ramp or ledge. (Remember to keep the board under you.)

Step 4: Let go of the board and stand up to get ready for impact.

Step 5: Land.

nose grab

For a nose grab one grabs hold of the front (nose) of one's skateboard whilst one's feet are in an ollie position.

tail grab

A tail grab is like a nose grab except you use the tail. Grab the tail with your hand and hold it for a second or two. Drop it and land.

Rocket Air

Rocket air is much like a nose grab but using two hands. It can be attempted on a ramp or a vert. On flat ground, it is an extremely difficult maneuver.

Superwoman double tail grab

The skateboarder ollies then grabs both ends of the board and holds them. Also known as the 'Cannonball'.


This trick was invented by the skateboarder Fernando Nieto. Andy McDonald then refined this trick. To execute, first you do an ollie, preferably on a ramp. Do a nose grab and put your front foot on the tail, then rapidly put it back and land it.

Other grabs

heelside grab, toeside grab, Madonna grab, Superman grab

Slides and grinds

A slide is on the board; a grind on the skateboard trucks.


To 50 50, get within a foot of the curb or ledge that you're planning on grinding then ollie towards it, in the hope of landing with both trucks on the curb or ledge. If you lean back to absorb the shock against the trucks you should pull the trick out pretty easily.


Dark slide

The dark slide is the same as a board slide, except that it is performed on the top side of the board. (The side with the grip tape).


A nosegrind consists of a grind on the front truck of the skateboard.


A boardslide consists of a slide on the middle of the skateboard.

frontside noseslide

A frontside nose slide is performed by riding parallel to an obstacle (ledge, rail, etc...) with your toes facing it. You then ollie and turn your board 90 degrees so that your toes turn towards the ledge. You land on the ledge with the nose of your board sliding on top of it. You can then come off the ledge either regular or fakie (backwards).

noseblunt slide

A noseblunt slide consists of a slide between the underside of the nose and the front wheels sliding sideways.

5-0 grind

In this maneuver, the skateboarder first ollies onto a rail (e.g. a hand-rail along a small set of stairs). She then puts all her weight on her back foot, turns slightly, and slides with her board crooked down the rail.

Other slides and grinds

noseslide, tailslide, frontside noseblunt slide, blunt slide, lipslide, salad grind aka crooked 5-0, smith grind, feeble grind, k-grind aka crooked nose grind or krooked nose grind.


nose stall

Fernando Nieto, a professional skateboarder of 15 years invented this trick. To perform this trick, skate at a moderate speed, do an ollie but keep your foot on the nose. and the nose on an edge and you have now performed nose stall.

50-50 stall

A 50-50 stall is a stall on both trucks of a skateboard.

Other stalls

tail stall, board stall or Rock and Roll stall (vert), blunt stall, nose-blunt stall.

Combination tricks


The McTwist is a 540-degree rotational flip.


The McHawk consists of a 720-degree rotational flip. It is basically a McTwist but starting from a fakie. Tony Hawk invented this trick.

cab jump

Named after famed skateboarder Steve Caballero, the cab jump involves starting the jump fakie, doing one or more full rotations, then landing riding forward.

Casper slide

Its easiest to learn to casper while standing still. Theres two ways to get into casper (note your stance needs to be like a kickflip stance, but you are on your toes with your front foot and the front foot has to be at the top bolts, the further your foot is up the board the easier it is).

1) You can tap down after you have popped the board this will cause the board to half flip on to your front foot and you then land you back foot on the tail which shoud be upside down.

2) You can flip the board by flicking your foot like you would in a kick flip and catch the board quickly.

When you have perfected the casper while you are still you can then try it moving. This is more difficult but can be achieved with practice. After a while when you can do it moving you will find that you will catch it and be able to get a slide out of it. Exiting casper can be achieved in many ways but keep it basic and just flip it back with your front foot. The caspar can be time consuming to learn and the slide is the hardest part but after much practice you will get it. It is an impressive trick to pull off and can be used to show off.

Other combination tricks

"tail stall, kickflip out", pop shove-it nose stall, heelflip to blunt stall, Casper stall to hospital flip, 50-50 180 out, "backside noseslide, shove-it out", kickflip backside 50-50, kickflip bluntslide, barley grind, hurricane grind, dark side noseslide.

Miscellaneous tricks

heelside railstand

A heelside railstand is where the board is propped up on its side; one set of the wheels is touching the ground while the other two are not. The skater stands on the "rail" or the side of the board, with his or her toes touching the wheels and the heels touching the "rail."


A railflip is when the skater is in either toeside or heelside railstand and flips the board by adding pressure and slightly kicking the board by placing one foot either on the tail or nose of the board. Generally, it is easier to flip the board towards your back in heelside railstand, then towards the front. Opposite if in toeside railstand.

manual trick

A manual is the name for riding on the back two wheels of a skateboard, keeping the front wheels off the ground.

nose manual trick

The nose manual trick is essentially the same as the manual trick. The difference is, that you are riding on the front wheels of the skateboard. This trick is a little more difficult than the manual trick.

no-comply 180

A No-comply 180 is an old-school trick, popular during the step off trick days. The trick is an extension of no comply.


a. can you roll backwards?
b. can you spin 'round a little?
c. skateboard.

Place your back foot on the tail, but in the well of the tails curve. Place the front foot on the side of the board towards your butt.
  • Step off the board with your front foot. The tail will pop.
  • OK. Your back foot will now have to guide the board through the air as you turn frontside on your front foot.
  • The back trucks will hit the pavement. When this happens, hop your front foot back on. The advanced can jump on before the back trucks land, not losing any speed. If you do this trick, everyone on the block will be doing it 45 minutes later.

  • Other miscellaneous tricks

    No comply, toeside railstand, Boneless One

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