NameSodium cyanide
Chemical FormulaNaCN
Appearance White deliquescent granular solid
Molecular weigth49.01 amu
State of matter at STPsolid (nonmagnetic)
Melting point at SP837 K
Boiling point at SP1769 K
Specific gravity1.60
pH Aqueous solutions are strongly alkaline
Decompostion productsEmits toxic fumes of cyanide and oxides of nitrogen when heated to decomposition.
SI units were used where possible.

Sodium cyanide is a chemical substance. It is a toxic cyanide. It is also known under the names Hydrocyanic acid, sodium salt and Cyanogran.

In case of direct contact to this substance see [first aid guide] for first aid and immediately get medical attention.

Sodium cyanide is used to extract gold and other precious metals from ore, and so metal mining operations consume most of the sodium cyanide production; see cyanide process for the use in gold mining. Accidents with cyanide solutions are a severe danger to aquatic ecosystems; e.g., see Summitville mine. For an overview see external links.

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