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Solid modeling studies unambiguous representations, models of solid objects suitable for computer processing. It is also known as volume modelling.

Basic representation techniques

  • Parameterized primitive instancing.
    • An object is specified by the reference to the library of parameterized primitives (e.g., library of nuts and bolts).
  • Sweeping
    • An object is specified in terms of volumes "swept out" by moving of a primitive along a simple curve. These volumes either add to the object ("extrusion") or remove material ("cutter path").
  • Spatial occupancy
    • The whole space is subdivided into regular cells, and the object is specified by the set of cells it occupies.
  • Decomposition
    • Similar to "spatial occupancy", but the cells are neither regular, nor "prefabricated".
  • Constructive solid geometry.
  • Boundary representation
    • A solid object is represented by surfaces of its boundary.

The main applicationa area is CAD.

See also: Computer graphics.