Qin (秦) (778 BC-206 BC) was a state during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods of China. It eventually grew to dominate the country and unite it for the first time, after which it is referred to as the Qin Dynasty. The royal surname is Ying (嬴).



  1. Qin Zhong (秦仲, ruled 854-822): great-grandson of Feizi
  2. Duke Zhuang (莊公, ruled 822 BC - 778 BC): Ying Ye (也), son of Qin Zhong
  3. Duke Xiang (襄公, ruled 778 BC - 766 BC): son of Duke Zhuang
  4. Duke Wen (文公)
  5. Duke Ning (寧公)
  6. Duke Chu (武公)
  7. Duke De (德公)
  8. Duke Xuan (宣公)
  9. Duke Cheng (成公)
  10. Duke Mu (穆公)
  11. Duke Kang (康公) : Ying Ying (罃)
  12. Duke Gong (共公): Ying Dao (稻)
  13. Duke Huan (桓公): Ying Rong (榮)
  14. Duke Jing (景公): Ying Hou (後)
  15. Duke Ai (哀公)
  16. Duke Hui (惠公)
  17. Duke Dao (悼公)
  18. Duke Li (厲公): Ying Ci (刺)
  19. Duke Zao (躁公)
  20. Duke Huai (懷公)
  21. Duke Ling (靈公): Ying Su (肅)
  22. Duke Jian (簡公): Ying Daozi (悼子)
  23. Duke Hui II (惠公)
  24. Duke Chu (出公)
  25. Duke Xian (獻公): Ying Shiti (師隰)
  26. Duke Xiao
  27. King Huiwan (惠文王, ruled 338 BC - 311 BC), also known as King Hui (惠王): Ying Si (駟)
  28. King Wu (武王, ruled 311 BC - 307 BC): Ying Dang (蕩)
  29. King Zhaoxiang (昭襄王, ruled 307 BC - 250 BC, also known as King Zhao: Ying Ze (则) or Ying Ji (稷)
  30. King Xiaowen (孝文王), ruled 250 BC: Ying Zhu (柱)
  31. King Zhangxiang (荘襄王), ruled 250 BC - 246 BC: Ying Zichu (子楚)
  32. King Zheng (政), ruled from 246 BC - 210 BC (as Qin Shi Huangdi from 221 BC onwards)
  33. Qin Er Shi, ruled from 210 BC - 207 BC
  34. Qing Wang Zi Ying