Stefan Dragutin (d. March 12 1316) was king of Serbia from 1276 to 1282.

Dragutin was the eldest son of king Stefan Uroš. He married Katarina, daughter of Hungarian king Stefan V. He was the leading hungarophile in Serbian politics, and because of this he came in conflict with his father, from whom he then usurped the throne in 1276 with help of the Hungarians. He began to attack the Byzantine Empire but had no success.

In 1282 he broke his leg while hunting and became ill; he hence gave the throne to his younger brother Milutin while keeping for himself the area from Rudnik to Konavle. In 1284 he gained from the Hungarians Belgrade, Srem, Mačva, and the Bosnian areas Soli and Usora, which he ruled until 1316, establishing family relations with Bosnian ban Stefan I Kotromanić. He is the first of the Serb rulers who ruled from the capital of Belgrade. Near the end of the 13th century he expanded his territory, adding Braničevo and Kučevo. He came into conflict with his brother Milutin when Milutin wanted to create stronger political ties with the Byzantine Empire and obviously did not intend to give the throne to Dragutin's son Vladislav as agreed. Conflict between the brothers was calmed by the clergy in 1313. Near the end of his life he separated from his Hungarian friends and strengthened his connections in Serbia. He later became a monk and changed his name to Teoktist. He died in 1316 and was buried in the Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery near Novi Pazar.

His marriage in about 1268 with Katarina, daughter of Stefan V issued at least four children:

  1. Jelisaveta or Elisaveta (Јелисавета), married in 1284 to the Bosnian ban Stefan I Kotromanić.
  2. anonymous daughter, married before 1300 to (Павле Шубић)
  3. Vladislav
  4. (Урошиц), died a monk.
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Preceded by:
Stefan Uros I
House of Nemanjić Succeeded by:
Stefan Milutin


  • Translated with small changes from small encyclopedia "Sveznanje" published by "Narodno delo", Belgrade, in 1937 which is today in public domain. This article is written from the point of view of that place and time and may not reflect modern opinions or recent discoveries.
  • Age, marriage and progeny information from The geneaology and coats of arms of Serbian dynasties and feudals (Родословне таблице и грбови српских династија и властеле); editors Aleksa Ivić (1928), Dusan Spasić, Aleksandar Plavestra and Dusan Mrdjenović (1987); Bata, Belgrade, ISBN 86-7685-007-0 (1928), ISBN 86-7335-050-6 (1987) (in Serbian language).