Mission Insignia

Mission Statistics
Launch Pad: 39-A
Launch:November 11, 1982
7:19:00 a.m. EST
Landing:November 16, 1982
6:33:26 a.m. PST
Duration:Five days, two hours,
14 minutes 26 seconds.
Orbit Altitude: 184 nautical miles
Orbit Inclination: 28.5 degrees
Miles Traveled: 2,110,849 miles
Crew photo

STS-5 was a space shuttle mission by NASA using the Space Shuttle Columbia, launched November 11, 1982. This was the fifth space shuttle mission, and was also the fifth mission for the Space Shuttle Columbia.

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The mission of the STS-5

This was the first operational mission of the space shuttle program. This mission also carried the largest crew at that time - 4 astronauts, and the first two commercial satellites to be flown.

Aside from launching the mentioned commercial satellites, the crew also conducted a West German microgravity experiment and three student experiments.

The first spacewalk for the shuttle program had to be cancelled due to problems with the spacesuits. The walk was to be performed by both mission specialists.


  • Commander: Vance D. Brand
  • Pilot: Robert F. Overmyer
  • Mission Specialist: Joseph P. Allen
  • Mission Specialist: William B. Lenoir

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