The Offspring are an American pop-punk band consisting of vocalist and guitarist Dexter Holland, Kevin 'Noodles' Wasserman (also on guitar), bassistist Greg K and Ron Welty on drums.

Although their first album, The Offspring, was very similar to late 1980s punk, the next album, Ignition, saw them move away from more traditional punk, heading into the pop-punk of the mid-1990s with songs like "Dirty Magic". It was 1994's Smash that brought Offspring into the mainstream; that album sold over eleven million copies worldwide. Punk rock purists derided Smash as a sell out to pop audiences that had little connection to punk rock's ideals and standards.

The Offspring had always tended, on each album, to have a couple of songs based on social/political subject matter, a testament to their punk roots. Songs like "Jennifer Lost The War" and "Kill The President" on The Offspring, "L.A.P.D" on Ignition, "It'll Be A Long Time" and "Not the One" on Smash, and perhaps "Meaning Of Life" on Ixnay On The Hombre, communicated the band's general position on social and political issues (though the band has not been known to be outspoken or active politically, especially by punk standards).

Ixnay On The Hombre, The Offspring's forth album, much awaited by fans of Smash and the earlier releases, was a commercial success. Although Smash was the album that originally brought The Offspring into commercial success and wide recognition, it was the release of "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" from the 1998 album Americana which established the band as a regular feature on MTV and established The Offspring as a regular chart presence. Their latest is Conspiracy Of One.


  • The Offspring, 1989/1995 (re-issue) self-titled debut album
    • "I'll Be Waiting/Blackball", 1987 single
    • "Baghdad", 1990 EP
  • Ignition, 1992 album
  • Smash, 1994 album
    • "Self Esteem", 1994 single
    • "Come Out And Play", 1994 single
    • "Gotta Get Away", 1995 single
    • "Bad Habit", 1995 single
  • Ixnay On The Hombre, 1997 album
    • "All I Want", 1997 single
    • "Gone Away", 1997 single
    • "Meaning Of Life", 1997 single
    • "I Choose", 1997 single
  • Americana, 1998 album
    • "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)", 1999 single
    • "Why Don't You Get A Job", 1999 single
    • "The Kids Aren't Alright", 1999 single
    • "She's Got Issues", 1999 single
  • Conspiracy Of One, 2000 album
    • "Original Prankster", 2000 single
    • "One Fine Day", 2000 single
    • "Million Miles Away", 2001 single
    • "Want You Bad", 2001 single
  • Splinter, 2003 album

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