Thomas Gallaudet (June 3, 1822-August 27, 1902), a famous American Episcopal priest, was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He should not be confused with his father, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, founder of the West Hartford School, the first school for the deaf.

After graduating from Trinity College in Hartford he accepted a teaching position in the New York Institution for Deaf-mutes where he met and married Elizabeth Budd, who like Gallaudet's mother Sophia, was deaf.

Following in his father's footstepts, in 1852, Gallaudet established St. Annís Church for Deaf Mutes in New York City, and established the Gallaudet Home for Deaf-Mutes, near Poughkeepsie, in 1885.

One of Thomas Gallaudet's students, Henry Winter Syle, became the first deaf person to be ordained by the Episcopal Church.

Gallaudet is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut.

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