Simon Legree menaces Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom's Cabin is a novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe which has slavery as one of its main themes. Many writers have credited this novel with doing much to inflame the passions of Northerners to work for the abolition of slavery, although other writers dispute the novel's influence. Uncle Tom's Cabin was first published on March 20, 1852.

Stowe lived in Cincinnati, and:

"she observed firsthand several incidents which galvanized her to write famous anti-slavery novel. Scenes she observed on the Ohio River, including seeing a husband and wife being sold apart, as well as newspaper and magazine accounts and interviews, contributed material to the emerging plot. [1]

Famous characters:
  • Simon LeGree, villainous slave owner whose name has become synonymous with greed
  • Topsy, who "just growed"
  • Uncle Tom, noble long suffering Christian slave, after whom the book is named. His name has become an epithet (see discussion at Uncle Tom). ISBN 0553212184

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