In the Old Testament, there are at least five and perhaps six men called Uriah.

  • In the Books of Samuel, Uriah the Hittite is a soldier in King David's army. David has him killed after David's adultery with his wife Bathsheba.

  • In 2 Kings 16:10-16, Uriah is a priest under Ahaz who builds a pagan altar and places it in the Temple of Jerusalem.

  • In Jeremiah 26:20-23 Uriah is a prophet who is murdered by Jehoiakim because his message is so offensive to him.

  • In Ezra 8:33 and Nehemiah 3:4,21 Uriah is a priest and the father of Meremoth. Possibly this is the same Uriah who stands by Ezra as he reads the law in Nehemiah 8:4, or they may be different people.

  • In Isaiah 8:2 Uriah is a priest whom God offers to call as a witness.

Uriah means Jehovah is my light.