Wikisource is a sister project to Wikipedia that aims to create a free wikiwiki compendium of primary source texts in every language, and translations of these source texts. Often referred to as Project Sourceberg during the planning stages for the project, the site was officially named Wikisource on December 6 2003 following a vote.

The project was launched on November 24 2003 under the temporary URL The URL, which as of January 2004, redirects to this temporary URL, is intended to become the project's real address.

Prior to this, source texts were placed at, which was mistakenly used to mean Project Sourceberg, but is actually the Pashto language Wikipedia. All texts which had been temporarily placed there were moved to the official site on the day of the launch.

Wikisource logo
Within two weeks of the project's official start, over 1000 pages had been created, with approximately 200 of these being designated as actual articles. At the start of 2004, the site had 100 registered users.

Wikisorce's logo is an iceberg, a play on the term sourceberg which the project was previously called.

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