Wilko Johnson (born John Wilkinson) is a guitarist particularly associated with 1970s British rhythm and blues band Dr. Feelgood. From Canvey Island in Essex, Johnson played in several local groups before moving to Newcastle University to study English. Returning to Essex, he played with the Pigboy Charlie Band, which evolved into Dr. Feelgood – a mainstay of the 1970s 'pub rock' movement.

Johnson developed his own unique style, coupling a choppy guitar style with a novel dress sense (he favoured a black suit and a 'pudding bowl' haircut) and jerky movements.

He maintained this style even after leaving Dr. Feelgood (a step that meant he missed out on Feelgood’s greatest UK success, the punk-tinged top 10 single Milk and Alcohol). In 1977, he was a founder member of the Solid Senders, and a couple of years later joined Ian Dury’s band, The Blockheads. He then formed the Wilko Johnson Band, joined by fellow ex-Blockhead bassist Norman Watt-Roy, and played throughout the 1980s and 1990s on the pub circuit.