A new variation of American football is Women's American football. Played during the summer, the female version of American football has professional leagues: the National Women's Football Association (NWFA), the Independent Women's Football League (IWFL), the Women's Football Association (WFA), Women's Professional Football League (WPFL) and the American Football Women's League (AFWL).

The NWFA, one of the largest leagues based on number of teams, was also one of the first leagues to be formed, when founder Catherine Masters started it in 2000. The AFWL was also one of the first leagues formed, using the name WAFL, or Women's American Football League. Most of the leagues that are currently active have placed teams in large market cities and smaller market cities as well. Out of the WFA's seven participating teams, three are from Florida, while five of the six teams in the AFWL are based in California.

Table of contents
1 AFWL teams
2 IWFL teams
3 NWFA Teams
4 WFA teams

AFWL teams

  • Arizona Titans
  • Long Beach Aftershock
  • Los Angeles Lasers
  • Sacramento Gold Rush
  • San Diego Sunfire
  • San Francisco Tsunami

IWFL teams

  • Albany Night-Mares
  • Atlanta Xplosion (exhibition team)
  • Bay State Warriors
  • Boise Xtreme
  • California Quake
  • Chicago Force
  • Corvallis Pride
  • Dallas Revolution
  • Des Moines Courage (exhibition team)
  • Detroit Blaze (exhibition team)
  • Eugene Edge
  • Knoxville Summit (exhibition team)
  • Miami Fury
  • Montreal Blitz
  • New Hampshire Freedom
  • New York Sharks
  • Oakland Banshees
  • Oklahoma City Avengers
  • Orlando Starz
  • Philadelphia Liberty Belles
  • Portland Shockwave
  • Redding Rage (expansion team)
  • Rhode Island Riptide
  • Sacramento Sirens
  • San Diego Sea Catz (exhibition team)
  • San Francisco Stingrayz (exhibition team)
  • Santa Rosa Scorchers
  • Southern Maine Rebels (exhibition team)
  • Tacoma Majestics
  • Tampa Bay Terminators

NWFA Teams

  • Alabama Renegades
  • Asheville Assault
  • Atlanta Leopards
  • Austin Outlaws
  • Baltimore Burn
  • Biloxi Hurricanes
  • Chattanooga Locomotion
  • Cleveland Fusion
  • Columbus Comets
  • Connecticut Crush
  • Dallas Dragons
  • D.C. Divas
  • Denton Stampede
  • Detroit Demolition (formerly known as Detroit Danger)
  • Erie Illusion
  • Evansville Express
  • Indiana Thunder (formerly known as South Bend Golden Hawks)
  • Junction City Cavalry
  • Kansas City Krunch
  • Knoxville Tornadoes
  • Maine Freeze
  • Mass Mutiny
  • Nashville Dream
  • New Orleans Blaze (formerly known as New Orleans Spice)
  • Oklahoma City Lightning
  • Panama City Rumble
  • Pensacola Power
  • Philadelphia Phoenix (formerly known as Philadelphia Liberty Belles)
  • Pittsburgh Passion
  • Rochester Raptors
  • St. Louis Slam
  • Shoals SmasHers
  • South Bend Thunder
  • Southwest Michigan Jaguars
  • Tennessee Venom
  • Toledo Spitfire

WFA teams

  • Birmingham Steel Magnolias
  • Carolina Crusaders
  • Georgia Enforcers
  • Indianapolis Vipers
  • Jacksonville Dixie Blues
  • Orlando Fire
  • Tampa Bay Force


  • Arizona Caliente
  • Arizona Knighthawks
  • Dallas Diamonds
  • Dayton Rebellion
  • Florida Stingrays
  • Houston Energy
  • Indiana Speed
  • Long Beach Aftershock
  • Los Angeles Amazons
  • Minnesota Vixen
  • Missouri Prowlers
  • New England Storm
  • Northern Ice
  • San Diego Sunfire
  • Southern California Scorpions
  • Syracuse Sting
  • Toledo Reign


In addition to these leagues and teams, thee is now also a Women's American Football World Cup, which has been incorporated to a similar men's tournament. The tournament is played every year, with teams from the
United States, Mexico and a large number of other countries. 2003's world cup will be held in The Bahamas.