Yongzheng Emperor of China

Yongzheng (Wade-Giles:Yung Cheng) (1678 - 1735) was a emperor of the Qing Dynasty from 1723 to 1735.

He was the fourth son of Emperor Kangxi. He won the severe race for successor. He is also known for establishing his autocratic rule. He disliked corruption and punished officials severely when they were found guilty of the offence. During his reign, the Manchu Empire became a great power and a peaceful country. He created a sophisticated procedure for selecting successor in responce to his father's tragedy.

However, his critics had always said that he killed his brothers to succeed the throne although he was the best candidate among his 36 brothers.

His private life was a sad one. He had nine children but only 3 survived. One of them was Prince Hong Li.

Emperor Yongzheng ruled the Qing Empire for only thirteen years. He died suddenly at the age of 55. He was succeeded by his son, Prince Hong Li who became the fifth emperor of the Qing dynasty under the name, Emperor Qianlong.

Personal information
lifespan 1678-1735
reign 1723-1735
Given Name In Jen in Manchu
Yin zhen (胤禛 yin4 zhen1) in Chinese
Era name Hūwaliyasun Tob in Manchu
Yongzheng (雍正 yong1 zheng4) in Chinese
father fourth son of Kangxi Emperor of China
mother Empress Xiao Gong (Hiyoošungga Gungnecuke Gosin Hūwanghu)
wife 1) Empress Xiao Sheng (Hiyoošungga Enduringge Temgetulehe Hūwanghu) (d. 1674)
2) Empress Xiao Xian (Hiyoošungga Ginggun Temgetulehe Hūwanghu)
children 10 sons (4 survived) and 4 daughters (1 survived)
tomb Elhe Munggan in Manchu
Tailing (太陵) in Chinese, Eastern Tombs (东陵) at Zunhua County (遵化县), Hebei
Temple name Šidzung in Manchu
Shi Zong (世宗 shi4 zong1) in Chinese (lit. meaning: genesis ancestor)
full Posthumous name Emperor jingtian-changyun-jianzhong-biaozheng-wenwu-yingmming-kuanren-xinyi-ruisheng-daxiao-zhicheng-xian (敬天昌運建中表正文武英明寬仁信毅睿聖大孝至誠憲皇帝)
shortened Posthumous name'' Temgetulehe Hūwangdi in Manchu
Emperor Xian (憲皇帝 xian4 huang2 di4) in Chinese

Preceded by:
Kangxi Emperor of China
Qing Dynasty Succeeded by:
Qianlong Emperor of China