Zebedee is a name used in several contexts.

Zebedee was the father of James and John, two of the Apostles of Jesus. Zebedee was a Hebrew fisherman.

Zebedee was a character in the popular BBC children's programme broadcast from the October 1965 and January 1977 called The Magic Roundabout. The programme used images from the French programme Le Manège Enchanté, but with an entirely new script. It was speculated that the characters in the original French programme were based on then French politicians, or that the BBC's new script was based around psychadelic drugs, which each hippy-style character symbolising a particular drug or drug effect. No evidence has however been produced to support the claims, and they have been denied by the widow of the person who was responsible for the BBC version.

Zebedee is the name of a famous open source secure TCP tunneling program. It can be found on Sourceforge