• In Hinduism, Kasyapa ("tortoise") is an ancient god (one of the rishis), father of the devas, asuras, nagas and all of humanity. He is married to Aditi, with whom he is the father of Agni and the Adityas. He received the spoils of Parasuma's conquest of King Kaartaveerya-arjuna.

  • In Buddhism Kāśyapa usually refers to Mahākāśyapa 摩訶迦葉, a brahman of Magadha, who became one of the principal disciples of Śākyamuni and who convened and directed the first council, whence his name, "elder" (上座; Pali Maha-kassapa) is derived. Also the sixth of the seven buddhas of the past.

Alternative: Kashyapa

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