In computing, the PowerPC 970, also known as PowerPC G5, is a 64-bit processor in the PowerPC family from IBM, which was introduced in 2002. Built using 0.13-micron manufacturing process it features over 58 million transistors. It is based on core from POWER4 processor, but it also features AltiVec vector engine. It is also able to process 32-bit instructions natively.

In keeping with its previous naming conventions, Apple Computer termed this processor the G5 in an announcement in June, 2003. The G5 was publicly announced in June 2003 by Apple Computer. The term G5 in this context stands for the fifth generation of Power PC microprocessors. Apple uses 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 GHz processors in its newest (as of 2003) machines, collectively called the Power Macintosh G5.

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