Stan Farr was the boyfriend of Priscilla Davis, whom was in the process of divorcing T. Cullen Davis, one of the richest men in Texas. Stan Farr was murdered on August 2, 1976.

Stan Farr was a former Texas Christian University basketball star, and hence, he was strong from those days. He was returning home from a dinner celebrating Priscilla Davis' divorce. The first thing Stan and Priscilla noticed was that the alarm was turned off, but they shrugged it off since Dee was probably home and forgot to turn off the alarm at Priscilla's Fort Worth mansion on Mockingbird Lane.

However, it turns out that a hitman turned off the alarm instead. He had already shot Andrea Wilborn, Priscilla's daughter, in the back of the head in the wine cellar. The blood splattered onto the killer, and so he made a bloody handprint on the wall.

The killer approached Priscilla and shot and injured her in the chest. Priscilla ran off while the killer brawled with Stan Farr. Stan was first shot in the neck, but was still holding off the killer. The killer killed him with four more shots and went after Priscilla. He then shot and injured one of Priscilla's friends, Gus Gavrel, after he and Beverly Bass spotted him. The killer left Gus injured, but Bass and Priscilla Davis were able to get away.

T. Cullen Davis was charged for the murder of Andrea Wilborn, but was found innocent. He was also found innocent of a plot to kill Priscilla and a judge afterwards, as well as a wrongful death lawsuit. However, Cullen went broke afterwards.

The state of Texas could still try Cullen Davis for the murder of Stan Farr, but they haven't done so yet.