Thomas Cullen Davis (born 1933) was the head of the Kendavis oil company.

His wife was Priscilla Davis. Priscilla filed for divorce in 1974 and claimed Cullen was abusive. Cullen was as reserved as Priscilla was flamboyant. They couldn't stand each other. The divorce was messy, and Cullen was forced to pay Priscilla 5,000 dollars per month for separate maintenance, and another 52,000 dollars in legal fees.

Priscilla was shot and injured, while her boyfriend, Stan Farr, and her daughter, Andrea Wilborn, were shot dead on August 2, 1976 at Priscilla's mansion.

Cullen Davis was tried and found innocent for the murder of Andrea Wilborn, his stepdaughter. He had hired Richard Raynes as his lawyer in the case.

He allegedly had a plot to kill Judge Joe Eidson, Beverly Bass, and Priscilla. The FBI made a fake photo of the 'dead' judge in a car trunk complete with ketchup blood all over his body. The FBI then videotaped and audiotaped the supposed hired killer showing the photo to Davis and asking if he wanted anyone else dead, to which Cullen replied, good, and yes he had many other people he wanted dead.

In the trial, Davis's defense was that he was in fact trying to catch corrupt FBI agents. It is said that with the help of spreading money and gifts and parties around to everyone including the District Attorney, Davis was able to win the case. The company, Kendavis, went bankrupt in the US oil bust in the 1980s. Davis said that he found Jesus and became an evangelist.

In 2001, Davis admitted that during the first murder trial, Cullen Davis had paid off someone in the prosecutor's office to feed him information about the prosecution strategy.

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