This is a list of well-known Canadians.

Table of contents
1 Artists
2 Astronauts
3 Authors
4 Business Personalities
5 Cartoonists
6 Criminals
7 Educators
8 Explorers
9 Humanitarians
10 Inventors
11 Military Figures
12 Motion Pictures, Radio, & Television
13 Musicians
14 Political Leaders
15 Religious personalities
16 Scholars
17 Scientists
18 Sports Personalities
19 Other Personalities


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Business Personalities



Alleged criminals

Wrongfully convicted

  • David Milgaard - served 23 years for a murder he did not commit
  • Donald Marshall Jr - wrongfully convicted of murder; subject of a Supreme Court of Canada case regarding First Nations rights to natural resources
  • Guy Paul Morin - was not only tried twice for the same crime but spent 10 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.




  • Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) - Fur Trapper and Conservationist who posed as a Native American
  • Norman Bethune, (1890-1939), surgeon,inventor, socialist, battlefield doctor in Spain and China
  • Steve Fonyo, Retraced and completed Terry Fox's cross country cancer research fundraising marathon.
  • Terry Fox, (1958-1981), attempted one-legged cross country run for cancer research, Canadian Hero
  • Rick Hansen, Parapelegic athlete who completed an around the world marathon for spinal cord injury research.


Military Figures

Motion Pictures, Radio, & Television


Political Leaders

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Religious personalities



  • Sid Altman - Molecular Biology
  • Frederick Banting, (1891-1941), medical scientist, co-discovered insulin
  • Charles Best, (1899-1978), medical scientist, co-discovered insulin
  • Wilfred Bigelow - first artificial pacemaker
  • Bertram Brockhouse - designed the Triple-Axis Neutron Spectroscope
  • William Francis Giauque - 1949 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry
  • James Gosling - Programmer, inventor of Java
  • Gerhard Herzberg - 1971 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for Molecular Spectroscopy
  • David Hubel - 1981 Novel Prize winner in Medicine for mapping the visual cortex
  • Doreen Kimura - Behavioural Psychologist: World expert on sex differences in the brain
  • Julia Levy - Microbiologist: co-discovered photodynamic anti-cancer drugs
  • William Logan, (1798-1875), founded the Geological Survey of Canada, knighted by Queen Victoria, awarded the French Legion of Honor.
  • Rudolph Marcus - 1992 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for electron transfer reactions (e.g. rust)
  • Henry Morgentaler - abortionist
  • Sir William Osler - Physician, "most influential physician in history"
  • Wilder Penfield - Neurosurgeon, discovered electrical stimulation of the brain
  • John Polanyi - 1986 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Chemi-luminescence
  • Charles Edward Saunders - Marquis Wheat
  • Arthur Schawlow - 1981 Nobel Prize winner in Physics (for lasers)
  • Myron Scholes - 1997 Nobel Prize winner in Economics
  • Hans Selye - (1907-1982) - pioneering stress researcher
  • Michael Smith (1932-2000), 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for site-based mutagenesis
  • David Suzuki, (born 1936), geneticist and science popularizer
  • Henry Taube - 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for electron transfer reactions
  • Richard Taylor - 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics for verifying the Quark Theory
  • Irene Ayako Uchida - Cytogenticist: World-famous Down syndrome researcher
  • William Vickrey - 1996 Nobel Prize winner in economics
  • Tuzo Wilson - Geophysicist. plate tectonics

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Sports Personalities

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Other Personalities

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