This is a list of places in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. See River Thames for more information on the river.

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2 Areas
3 Rivers and canals
4 Hills of London
5 Parks and Royal Parks of London
6 Remnants of ancient woodlands
7 World-famous individual locations in London
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Inner London boroughs

Outer London boroughs


An ambiguous area where development was deregulated for a fixed period by the Thatcher government, and placed under the influence of an appointed Development Corporation, extending about a kilometre each side of the River Thames roughly between Southwark and Dagenham:

Some important contrasts in London:

Rivers and canals

Rivers of London

Subterranean rivers of London

Canals of London

Islands in the Thames

Note: Only the largest islands are listed here. A longer list can be found in the River Thames article.

Hills of London

Parks and Royal Parks of London

Remnants of ancient woodlands

  • Oxleas Wood

World-famous individual locations in London

Famous tourist attractions

Famous cemeteries

Cathedrals and other major places of worship

Roads and streets

Full article:
List of London roads

Famous streets, squares, etc. that are not localities

Famous major roads in, or terminating in, London

Famous Roman roads

Former London tourist attractions

Other historical places


Major London railway stations

British railway system and List of London railway stations)

Airports serving London

there are heliports at Battersea and Hayes.

London markets

Urban villages

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