The Swedish Army, or Armén is the army branch of the Swedish Armed Forces, the military of Sweden.

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The Swedish Army armament for Individual/Squad level include:


The Army uses a wide range of vehicles, mainly made by Swedish contractors. The
Combat Vehicle 90 family of Infantry fighting vehicles has been an international success, with exports to countries including Norway, Switzerland and Finland. More vehicles in the army:
  • Leopard 2A4 (Strv 121) main battle tank
  • Leopard 2A5(S) (Strv 122) MBT
  • Several MT-LB and MT-LBu variants from the former East Germany (Pbv 401 family; used for transport, as ARV (Armored Recovery Vehicle), and for command and communications)
  • Pbv 302 APC (which also exists in other variants for command and communications)
  • Stridsvagn 103


The peace time organization of the Swedish Army is divided into a number of training regiments for the different corps. The number of training regiments has been drastically reduced since the end of the
Cold War.

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