Grove Street Cemetery or Grove Street Burial Ground in New Haven, Connecticut is located in the center of the Yale University campus. It was organized in 1796 as the New Haven Burying Ground and incorporated in October 1797 to replace the already crowded burial ground on the New Haven Green. It was one of the earliest burial grounds to be laid out with plots permanently owned by individual families. Many Yale Presidents and New Haven politicians are buried here.

Initially consisting of 6 acres, it has subsequently been expanded to nearly 18 acres. The entrance on Grove Street is a brownstone Egyptian Revival Gateway, designed by Henry Austin, and built in 1845. It reads "The Dead Shall Be Raised". Immediately inside the gate is a Victorian chapel, now used as an office. The perimeter of the cemetery was surrounded by an eight-foot stone wall in 1848-9.

The gravestones from the New Haven Green were moved here for preservation in 1821 and are displayed against the walls of the cemetery.

The Grove Street Cemetery was deisgnated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Secretary of the Interior in 2001.


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